About Safe Says Who

2013 JBruning bwSafe Says Who was developed by Jodie Bruning after she realised how inaccessible the original research surrounding the glyphosate (and Roundup) debate was to most people.  How hard it was to access and how difficult it was to understand.

Jodie is a Normal Person without the brain of a scientist or lawyer who was curious to see if she could actually bring together the science the regulatory authorities consider when it comes to declaring exactly how toxic glyphosate, the most commonly used pesticide in the world (well in 2007 at least) is.  And let the science speak for itself.

She then began to dig a little deeper and see who provides the science for these decisions on pesticide toxicity.  Because these decisions have distinct consequences for human health.

With the occasional comment thrown in.

So Normal People like her could see where the research comes from and what is actually considered in order to make the declaration as to what is a safe level of glyphosate to consume.  Throughout the world.  On every continent.

Commencing with the science  regarding the pregnant mother and developing foetus.  Jodie ‘assumed’ that they would be the ‘lowest common denominator’ – that decisions surrounding what level of toxicity people can handle would be based on the reproductive needs of the mother and the developmental needs of a foetus.

For a strong and healthy society.

Jodie was wrong.

Because this is a site about learning how it all comes together.  If you want a super quick trip through what is wrong – you can skip to the Crazy Facts of Roundup.

These problems challenge millions of people – this will be directly relevant to people working at the front line:  livestock veterinarians; farmers with work related disorders; pollinator health organisations; GMO toxicity analysts; paediatricians; endocrine health specialists; people working with neurological diseases, gut health and cancer prevention and more –

could be united in understanding that the  systems of pesticide assessment are deeply flawed – right across the world.

Because when pesticide studies that prove our toxicological safety are all directly paid for and supplied by the same organisations with a shareholder pleasing, financial bottom line requirement for ‘low or no toxicity’……..

and no-one else gets a look in?

The system is broken.

And this is how we can fix it.



Jodie is a writer and researcher originally from a farming family who live near Wangaratta in Australia. Today she lives near Tauranga in New Zealand and is married to a dairy farmers son.  She has a B.Bus in Agribusiness (Monash University Melbourne/Dookie Agricultural College Victoria, Australia).

Her influence at this stage has extended to her 11 year old son with his Youtube clip: Toxic cereal of death.

Contact:     jodie@rite-demands.org