Open letter to Sir Peter Gluckman, Chief Science Advisor to the NZ Prime Minister, Mr John Key.

This letter was sent to Sir Peter Gluckman from Frank Rowson, retired vet, based in Matamata, New Zealand. June 2014 – it expresses the frustration that many feel about the inability of the New Zealand government to examine the independent science that is increasingly connecting the increased pesticide exposure in our diets to a higher rate of non-communicable disease. The main source of increased residue may be due to glyphosate use on our staple food groups.  In particular, our cereals and the genetically modified foods approved for NZ and contained in a large proportion of supermarket based, convenience foods – soy, canola, sugarbeets and corn. Of course these GMO’s are as yet, unlabelled.  The letter follows:

You recent comments have indicated that there is a link between diet and the obesity epidemic.

Have you seen a similar link to IBS, coeliac, gluten intolerance, autism or any other of the 30+ diseases that have increased in the last two decades, e.g. autism rising from 1:5000 to 1:50 presently in USA?

I presume the link you make indicates acceptance of dysbiosis of the gut micro-organisms which can be caused by stress, various chemicals (including that wonderful biocide and chelator of calcium and magnesium and iodine, fluoride, which is used in water fluoridation for which you are a proponent-still?), the contraceptive pill and glyphosate, the active ingredient in glyphosate herbicides (GBHs).

Glyphosate is a very strong antibiotic and chelator of minerals, mainly most cations, but some anions, as opposed to other herbicides that only chelate one mineral.

This accounts partly for the reduction in nutrient density of foods in the modern diet.

As you will know the herbicide effect of GBHs is caused by the chelation of manganese (Mn) which is essential for plant immunity; the antibiotic effect of glyphosate by killing off the bacteria that produce reduced Mn which the plant uses as opposed to the oxidised Mn produced by bacteria resistant to glyphosate. This causes death of the plant from increased fungal infections; hence the increase in levels of mycotoxins like aflotoxins in animals passing to humans via the milk.

You will also be aware of the antibiotic effect of GBHs in reducing beneficial organisms like Enterococcus which restrict the growth of pathogens like Salmonella, E. coli and Clostridium, especially Cl. perfringens and botulinum, an increasing cause of death in cattle and pigs and Cl. difficile in humans.

This dysbiosis causes leaky gut syndrome along with the action of glyphosate in stimulating zonulin which destroys the “glue” between intestinal cells, allowing foreign proteins, including allergens, causing auto-immune disease, as reported in papers by Samsell and Seneff and Nancy Swanson and others.

This reduction of the integrity of the gut lining is exacerbated by proteins like glutens, gliadins and lectins. Because lectins are present in soybeans and in increased amounts (25%) in GE soy including that allowed by FSANZ ( Dow 44406-6 in application A1073) recently, this is of particular concern as soy is present in so much of prepared foods.

GE foods are not tested as safe, only as “substantially equivalent” a term you will know has no legal or scientific definition; you will also know that recent peer reviewed papers have shown that there is nothing like equivalence between GE and non-GE crops, GE being significantly inferior in many respects.

GE soy has increased allergenic proteins which can be absorbed through the leaky gut caused by the actions of glyphosate. The same applies to other non GE crops like wheat. In addition there is evidence that a normal protein found in soy (genistein) when combined with glyphosate forms an oestradiol-type compound which is carcinogenic.

There is a widespread practice of spraying cereal and other crops with GBHs prior to harvest. The GBH used is absorbed into the plant and concentrates in the seed which is what we eat, having all the deleterious effects on our health. Yet there is no monitoring of the levels of glyphosate in our foods, despite it being the most widely used pesticide on the planet.

It is not even included in the NZTD survey which occurs only every 5 years.

As the chief Scientific Adviser to the PM don’t you think that negligent?

Finally, how does this allowance of a strong antibiotic in animal feeds at low, albeit toxic, levels help in the international drive to reduce sources of antibiotic resistance?

If intelligence is the ability to see relationships, and despite the recent Otago paper saying otherwise (although the more scientific Harvard study says IQ is affected by fluoride), then intelligence would dictate that these toxic food, and water, contents would be banned or controlled. Yeah right!

So why are we:

1. Permitting the importation of over 163,000 tonnes of GE soy from Argentina to enter the food chain with no monitoring of glyphosate levels and no intention of doing so in the future, as MPI have informed me twice.

2. Permitting the use of GBHs that have never been tested on our foods. Only glyphosate has been partly tested since no data are provided for carcinogenicity, morbidity or reproductive issues and it has not been tested as a medical drug (it has patent for use in humans). Nor have the main metabolite, AMPA, or the more toxic tallow amine additives like POEA.

Yet the EPA and MPI are allowing these products on the market, failing in their duty to safeguard the biosecurity and health of the country.

Can you please advise that GE crops and foods (animal and human) and GBHs be banned until they are all found safe by independent researchers?

By safe I mean safe, not substantially equivalent.


Frank Rowson

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